Evolures  Punch 80F

Small in size, big in heart.

A small tiny fish fighter, small in size, big in heart.
It was a challenge and a great idea the built of this lure, as is having nothing to do with similar shapes that exist is the lure market today. 
A lure designed full of unique features, but always having in mind the perfect balance, swimming action and castability .As we promise in our statement ,that ”sometimes we will not offer ordinary shapes” , we get in the temptation to upgrade the popping market with the design and built of the “PUNCH 80”.
Why we claim that is so unique, please have a look in the lure shape. We want the lure to cast far, but how?    
Feature 1: Most of the designers use and adopt a round lure tail to have easier air drag, better lure lifting in the air, and easier weight placement to lure tail. We surpass those lure engineering laws to avoid the design of “one more ordinary popper” but design a new concept and make it better.
What we did, is to flatten and widen the lure body and design a V-Shape keel. This is offering to us, lift up to the sky as V –shape keel works also as lure wings also offers , lure stability during fly, and more stable swimming action, works like a boat keel. 
Feature 2: We needed drag in the air during casting the lure, so the idea of the “belly bone fish”, save the day for us. We design an excellent “bone fish belly” well shaped to help the lure drag in the air and this friction leading the lure in a far casting distance. Is an engineering principal we adopt to help the small 80mm Punch to catch as much possible distance?
Feature 3: The Punch mouth cavity is very special, as we widen the lure body we also have widen the lure face.
The mouth gap of the Punch is round egg shaped, helping the water collection for any popping application, same mouth gap you will find only in bigger size of poppers , or even smaller .
Now you can use it how you like it, small pop and splash, to big pop and splash actions, no matter lure size is perfectly doing it. 
Feature 4:  Ordinary 80mm poppers they are coming with figure 8 joint connectors, strong enough but not the best solution to battle a big fish. Punch 80mm is coming us with quality grade of wire and is full wire through the lure body plus is armed and loaded with Decoy treble hooks YS21 size # 1. 
Evolures “Punch 80mm “is strong enough for small or big fish, which coming first, and bite it will pay the price.

Tackle for best use:
Rod: a spinning rod 10-35 grams moderate fast to fast action at 3meters long is perfect for the job. 
Reel: A high gear reel is best, just need to match   it with your rod for best balance.
Braided Line and leader: you can use a PE 0.8 – PE 1.5 maximum, no matter depend always the species you are after and how far you want to cast. The thinner the line, the further the cast.
As about Fluorocarbon line, you can use a 0.33 mm – 0.43mm is enough to do the job done.


That’s all Guys, the ‘Punch 80”, I am sure you will love it…remember a lure is like a book, as much as you read it, you know it better…

Evolving Saltwater                Fishing.