Bally Bird 200mm 44gr
  • Bally Bird 200mm 44gr

    Evolures Ballybird 200 , the Jet engine Lure…wind
    or no wind the lure can fly…..

    A lure designed and engineered to cover the needs
    of the demanding topwater angler .
    The Ballybird 200 is so easy to use by everybody
    even if is heavy at 44gr , with the right tackle set
    up walking the dog on the surface with a heavy
    lure is easy now.
    A very strong point of the lure is the profile, and
    body details that once you see it , directs you to
    the slim profile of a ballyhoo or to a needle fish.
    Two preys that are loved by any predator and are in
    them daily menu to eat.
    Superb swimming action, fast or slow walking the
    dog , easy attracting the attention of the blue
    runners behind or under the lure for a bite.
    A very unique lure , full wired , strong BKK fang 63
    hooks and split rings ready to cast it and catch more

    Suggested tackle:
    Rod: 2.70 m up to 3mm long with casting weight to
    70gr fast to moderate fast is recommended.

    Reel : Preferable a 5000 HG reel will help you
    easily handle the lure.

    PE line: 1.5 to 2.5
    Leader :0.47-0.57mm

    Targeting species: Leerfish, Queenfish , Bluefish,
    Yellowtail, Dorado, Tuna, Bonito, Albacores…etc

    Thanks for using Ballybird 200 , tight lines and good
    fishing .

    Team Evolures